3 Simple Staff Development Ideas For Your Team

Staff and team development ideas.

One of the most important things you can do as a leader is to keep your eye on the horizon . . . to think further out than your team. This means you’re always watching for the latest developments in the broader church and in leadership. You can then bring that information back to your team so that everyone stays current.

Here are a few simple staff development ideas:

BOOKS: Choose a leadership book that will help your team grow from where it is to where it wants to be. Buy everyone a copy and spend some time in each staff meeting discussing it.

VIDEOS: There are a lot of great conference presentations, TED talks and YouTube leadership videos out there (some examples are listed below). Videos can bring a lot of ideas to your staff quickly . . . and they don’t require any advance preparation on the part of your team.

CONFERENCES: Keep an eye on local and national conferences. Taking key staff members will both educate and motivate.

TeamworkSMALL GROUPS: If you really want to develop your staff, here’s something a little more challenging . . . start a small group with your team members. This is what Jesus did. He poured into his 12 disciples by living his life with them. He revealed who He was and modeled what needed to be done.

This is something I’ve done personally for the last two years. I intentionally invited our department heads to meet with me each week at my house. We not only discuss business, but our lives. We brainstorm solutions and encourage each other. It’s a great way to pass on our collective wisdom.

After meeting for awhile, I am now encouraging our department heads to start groups with their teams. There’s no reason the transparency and authentic relationships we enjoy can’t trickle down throughout our organization.

So there you have it. Develop your entire team with books, videos and conferences. And if you really want to see a select portion of them grow, do what Jesus did . . . lead a small group for them.


TED Talks
RSA Animate
Willow Creek Leadership Summit Videos
Catalyst Conference Videos
Andy Stanley Leadership VideosĀ 



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