Do you know someone who’s in pain because of crummy boss? Do you know an organization that’s failing . . . but wouldn’t be if it had stronger leadership? I do and it troubles me.

RobertCizekCloseVerticalThat’s why I created this site. My name is Rob Cizek. I’ve been a television news director (TV station department head in charge of news operations). I’m now the executive pastor (administrative director) at a large church and school in the Seattle area. Funny as it seems, both roles require pretty much the same skill set.

Like most people I am not a born leader. I’ve had to learn leadership. That means I’ve had great mentors, but it also means that through experience I’ve learned by making mistakes. Brandon Mull says, “Smart people learn from their mistakes. But the real sharp ones learn from the mistakes of others.” Learning from experiences is what’s behind this site.

I’m wired as a journalist. I appreciate things that are practical and concise. Look here for articles that are pithy and helpful. Pass along what you read and add comments. Together we can help leaders grow. . . and ultimately touch the people those leaders serve.

More about me from Church Executive and Xpastor.


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