Top 10 Leadership Quotes From Catalyst West 2014

The Catalyst West conference is a training experience for the next generation of leaders. It was held in Southern California during the first week of April. Here are my top 10 leadership quotes from the conference (taken from #Catalyst on Twitter):

10. “Biggest obstacle to learning is thinking you already know.” – @mikeerre (via @RobJacobs_)

9. “Be the leader you wish you had.” – @simonsinek (via @dccowan)

8. “Innovation is the clarity to see a problem and the skill to design a solution to that problem.” – @charlestlee (via @pdaarnold)

7. “Anchor your story in hope — not hurt or hype — but HOPE.” ~ @MikeFoster (via @ansonsexton)

6. “To keep talented people engaged, focus discussions of culture and innovation, less on growth and values.” – Charles Lee (via @stustreeter)

5. “Create a safe environment for disagreement.” – @trippcrosby (via @hinscheman)

4. “You can be comfortable OR courageous, but you can’t be both.” – @MikeFoster (via @RobJacobs_)

3. “If everything is important, nothing is.” – @DrHenryCloud (via @chuck_franklin)

2. “Stop telling people how far they have left to go. Instead tell them how far they’ve come.” – @bobgoff (via @ToddAdkins)

1. “The only way to lead a symphony is to turn your back to the crowd and the critics.” – @annvoskamp (via @LindseyNobles)


8. “Talking about your idea can trick you into thinking you are doing it.” – @charlestlee (via @toddadkins)

7. “Leadership is not about what you do or what you know, it’s leading out of who you are.” – @DailyFrancis (via @toddadkins)

6. “There’s no short cut to quality.” – @charlestlee (via @catbackstage)

5. “#1. Think big. #2. Start small. #3. Keep moving.” – @charlestlee (via @ksc)

4. “A gift can destroy a leader if their character has not yet developed before they were launched into the spotlight.” – @christinecaine (via haleyveturis)

3. “A poor leader yells. A leader tells. A good leader listens. A Servant Leader understands.” – #Catalyst (via @robjacobs)

2. “Many of us are missing what God already has in front of us because we are looking for the next big thing.” – @ChristineCaine (via @haleyveturis)

1, “Comparison is cancer to contentment.” – #Catalyst (via @joshshipp)

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Quotes From The Chick-fil-A Leadercast

The Chick-fil-A Leadercast is a leadership conference held in Atlanta. It also is simulcast live to hundreds of sites worldwide. Here is a summary of quotes form the #CFALeadercast Twitter feed (tweet author is named before the quote):


@Dagen4Life: “Complexity is the enemy of clarity” @AndyStanley

@adammcchesney: “Growth creates complexity, which requires simplicity.” – @AndyStanley

@CFALeadercast: “What is your one-sentence job description?” -@AndyStanley

@TechRees: “If you’re the only hot dog stand in town, you’re hot dogs don’t have to be good.” – @AndyStanley

@CFALeadercast: “What are we doing? Why are we doing it? Where do I fit in?” – @andystanley

@tyancey_i3: “@CFALeadercast: “Dirty little secret of leadership: Leaders don’t always have all the answers.” – @andystanley

@markrallen: Poor delivery trumps content, if your a terrible speaker, doesn’t matter what you are saying.

@ryancvet: “The only way out is through!

@bradbatt: Leaders know they are never the smartest person in the room! — @AndyStanley

@KristaKotrla: When you know WHY you’re doing what you’re doing, it’s more than a job… It’s a mission. @AndyStanley

@DougRasku: The less you do, the more you accomplish. The less you do, the more you enable others to accomplish. @AndyStanley

@WV_Churches: The mist in your mind will eventually become a fog in your organization. Andy Stanley

@gordonbaines: Every leader needs an escape hatch, a place to retreat and refocus @AndyStanley

@BrianKDodd: 27 #Leadership Quotes and Lessons From @AndyStanley – Live Notes From Chick-Fil-A Leadercast



@jeno630: David Allen-  “Life is really not that hard, you just can’t ignore it.”
@lerkent: You can only feel good about what you’re not doing when you know what it is you’re not doing. -David Allen

@PFIDisplays: Gold nugget of perspective:  “Einstein had 24 hours a day, so did DaVinci; so do you.”  Do you really need “more time”?

@starvingmysin: We need space. Space to be creative, make mistakes, and explore. This is where productivity comes from.

@Joseph_Greget: Getting Things Done is not really about getting things done, but being appropriately engaged.

@dakruhm: Leaders, give your managers enough freedom as well as direction.

@AHappySlappyinc: You are most productive when you have the room to make a mess.

@hortoncain: You’re the most productive when you have the freedom (and the room) to make a mess.

@brianbrodrick: David Allen: Chaos is not in the world it is in your head.

@bryan_schieck: How much time do you need to get a good #idea? NONE You need room in your head.

@HybrydStudioz: “You are most productive/creative when you start clean and have the room to make a mess.” #DavidAllen

@DreamGirl914: “Nature does not hurry yet everything is accomplished @gtdguy

@elle_wenaas: Mind like water. Water doesn’t get mad at you because you disturbed its calm. David Allen

@stevenwichern: Simply Lead “If you do not know what you are doing, you are going to have a hard time doing it.”

@OritSklar: David Allen (@gtdguy): Inverse relationship between “on your mind” and “getting it done”

@anthonystauffer: “I know Bach didn’t have email but he had 20 kids. Take your pick “ – @gtdguy

@teresakr: “You are not your work but your work will run you if you let it.” David Allen

@RobJacobs_: Pay attention to what has your attention -@gtdguy

@DavinBenavides: “Key #1 Capture your thinking…Take time to clear your mind by getting ideas out of your mind and on paper.” – David Allen

@ErikJFisher: Common ‘Getting Things Done’ obstacles & how to overcome them – w/ @GTDGuy David Allen

@k_adelsberger: If you don’t give appropriate attention to what needs your will.end up taking much more of your time.

@maeganhamner: “Pay attention to what has your attention.” – @gtdguy

@ErikJFisher: This David allen talk is his @TEDTalk found here:



@TRC_Staffing: Sonya Richards-Ross!! 4 time Olympic gold medalist!

@nweakly: Chills reliving @SanyaRichiRoss win Olympic gold. Inspiring hearing her strength in shoving aside the inner critic to focus.

@Jhoodmartin: @SanyaRichiRoss wants to compete in another Olympic game & will not let injury keep her from making the team. Training is key

@dawnzimmerman: When self doubt comes, say no and push through. That’s how gold is won.

@fsucurran: Proper preparation allows you to focus on execution during the actual event. -Sonya Richards-Ross

@tmblogos: The way to execution in chaos is to live it in your mind with focus first. Sanya Richards-Ross

@CFALeadercast: “There will always be distractions. Focus on your goals until you reach them.” -@SanyaRichiRoss

@mikesipplejr: In a moment of self-doubt change your focus. Do not give in to fears and past memories @SanyaRichiRoss

@karenswhite717: I’m not giving in to fears or past memories–good advice Santa Richards-Ross.

@get_hope: Set BIG goals. Recognize there will always be noise but find your center. @SanyaRichiRoss

@WilliamAttaway: “Focus on the victory instead of on everything that could go wrong.” –Sanya Richards-Ross

@CoachKecia: You may not be an Olympic athlete but you are a corporate athlete



@CULeaders: Sometimes the season has passed and you need to take the hard step and pull the plug. @DrHenryCloud

@summerjoy: Sometimes as leaders we get so attached to processess/products/ideas that we can’t see when it’s time to let them go.

@ValeriePlis: Sometimes you have to say no to the good to make room for the GREAT!!

@coachpride: As a leader, the 1st boundary you need to create simplicity is necessary endings! Dr. Henry Cloud

@hodgiemyson: We are obsessed about finding the right plan when we really need to find the right people. Henry Cloud

@r_l_stewart: “A co-dependent is someone who, right before he dies, someone else’s life flashes before his eyes” #DrHenryCloud

@americaleads: Bring necessary endings to wrong decisions.  Dr. Henry Cloud

@MoJoCMO: @DrHenryCloud – Theres a horder pattern in business / leaders think they need to be the “source” of everything – let go.

@dhovismb: Takes courage to clip & prune, but its necessary in order to bloom @DrHenryCloud

@TJCARITHERSJR: If you are on the wrong road, you cannot hope it becomes the right one. @DrHenryCloud

@philiprood: “Creating the plan is the easy work.  Getting people to effectively work the plan is the real work.” – @DrHenryCloud

@citydentalcc: “@mattboone: Opportunities become threats when there are no boundaries @DrHenryCloud

@wildpoet: “Yesterday is gone, lets have a little funeral, move on and do something new.” Henry Cloud

@Leadershipfreak: Leaders help attend to what’s relevant and ignore what isn’t. via @drhenrycloud

@ChickfilA: If everything is important, then nothing is important. via @DrHenryCloud

@BrianKDodd: 25 Leadership Quotes From Henry Cloud – Live Notes From Chick-Fil-A Leadercast



@GreatDayFarms: It doesn’t start with simple, it starts with simplicity. – John Maxwell

@Schipped: Geniuses take the complicated and reduce it to the simple. Subtraction can be more effective than addition.

@HSVchicsquad: Shallow + Fast, Deep + Slow, or Deep and Fast? Pick one @JohnCMaxwell

@HSVchicsquad: Deep and Fast is what you want in your leadership, your business, your relationship @JohnCMaxwell

@M_Mangan: “Are leaders born?” Of course they are! I’ve never met an unborn leader! I don’t want to! – @JohnCMaxwell

@CFALeadercast: “Leadership is influence. Nothing more. Nothing less.” – @JohnCMaxwell

@jamieandcheryl: Experience is not the best teacher. We all know people that are getting older, but they’re not getting better. @JohnCMaxwell

@FranciscoM75: “Business schools reward complex behavior but it’s the simple behavior that makes you successful in life” – @JohnCMaxwell

@pastor2pastors: Connectors do the difficult work of keeping it simple.  Don’t confuse simple with simplistic! @JohnCMaxwell

@bjengland: An educator takes something simple and makes it complex, A communicator takes something complex and makes simple J. Maxwell

@joshuapotter: Just because you’re in a position of leadership doesn’t mean you’re a good leader. – @JohnCMaxwell

@CFALeadercast: “Leadership is simple: Add value to people everyday.” – @JohnCMaxwell

@rockpointcc: RT @FTFChatt: You do not have influence in your weaknesses. You have influence in your strengths. @JohnCMaxwell

@EMAshley: I can’t make everyone happy. I’m a leader, not a clown. @JohnCMaxwell

@summerjoy: “A communicator takes what is complex and makes it simple.” @JohnCMaxwell

@ajl3photo: @JohnCMaxwell “An educator takes something simple and makes it complex.” Could you come talk to my professors?

@SarahRWard: John Maxwell should do movie trailer voice overs!!!

@ChickfilA: Notes from @JohnCMaxwell’s session @CFALeadercast. #cfaleadercast #simplylead



@jAdamRobertson: When your boss asks you to do something, OVER-deliver! @jack_welch

@Ryan_Eller: Find your mouthwash, something you are passionate about, and run with it. – Jack Welch

@DentalButterfly: “The team that fields the best players wins!“~Jack Welch

@JonPlotner: Rules don’t lead; standards do. Rules define our behavior. Standards are beliefs that we own.

@OritSklar: Welch calls b-schools “Fat, lazy institutions that charge too much money.

@FranciscoM75: “Every great leader has a generosity gene.” – @jack_welch

@i2ileadership: “Make your boss smarter than they are and you will become indispensable.” – Jack Welch

@ElvisMoyaTTU: Re: Work Atmosphere –> “You ought to love to be here, but be ready to leave” – Jack Welch

@DetStartupLaw: Have healthy skepticism and fear BUT go for it!! – Jack Welch

@lanica_williams: Jack Welch’s keys to success: 1) Love what you’re doing, or you’re never going to win. 2) ALWAYS OVER-DELIVER

@AHappySlappyinc: This level of passion from @jack_welch is giving me life and a new perspective on work and performance.

@hartlife: Wow! Jack Welch is 77 and filled with passion and looking forward to the future. And, still innovating! Awesome!

@summerjoy: Self-confidence, simplicity and speed. Three great qualities in leadership. @jack_welch

@jaystephany: Too many leaders are DOING when they need to be TEACHING.-Jack Welch

@CHS_Mr_F: Jack Welch GE CEO says free online education will revolutionize education. Esp. Those schools who charge 2 much for 2 little

@SCFireRecruiter: “Work all the time to bring new insights to the job” @jack_welch

@nvyoung: To become a great leader, love what you do and over deliver on what you do. That is how to succeed – Jack Welch

@WichitaLeads: “Create a whole new education for your boss.  Make him smarter than he was before he met you.”  Jack Welsh.

@Jason_Moore: You have no right to call yourself a manager if your employees don’t know where they stand. –Jack welch

@ladywriterib: A good personnel move is worth a thousand speeches. @jack_welch

@jimcarlson: High performing jerks destroy companies. Jack Welch

@SkinCareTLH: You’ve got to love what you’re doing or you’re never going to win. @jack_welch

@mztrsinbad: As a leader you’re never as good and never as bad as the people paint you. #jackwelch

@jaystephany: “What is a budget review? A personal review with numbers” -Jack Welch

@OritSklar: Jack Welch: Spent 70% of time teaching leaders; the team that fields the best players wins.

@blairsteve: Lack of transparency is the cruelest form of management.  -Jack Welch

@TcaccTri: Be deeply interested in your people.  The generosity gene is in every leader…promote, develop your team. – Jack Welch

@adammcchesney: “If you have self confident leaders, they will hire self confident players. Then the whole Team gets upgraded!” – Jack Welch

@jpurpero: “If you don’t like people…this job stinks.” @jack_welch

@marksastre: Jack Welch, GE CEO: “if you weren’t currently in your business, would you get into your business today?” Know where you stand



@saggy311: Rules are externally applied but standards are internally owned – Coach K

@cdowsley: Don’t focus on winning, develop a culture of success – Coach K

@nateboettcher: Being an outstanding leader is an everyday thing. Coach K

@JonPlotner: A good leader puts his people in a position to be successful all the time. – Coach K

@georgepowell: Leaders create an environment that is conducive to success #Coach

@tobyross04: A good leader recognizes that no job is too low for him; every job/role is important. @dukebasketball

@jacquiepco: In order to learn you have to get out if your comfort zone. ~Coach K

@JedidiahAJ: The most important thing about leadership is : communication
Mike Krzyzewski

@timage: Two is better than one when two perform as one. -Coach K

@CFALeadercast: “Never delegate. Always empower.” – Mike Krzyzewski

@RandyYoungblood: “Every job in our organization is a job you should be willing to do“.  @MikeKrzyzewski

@k_adelsberger: When you say something is important you back it up with a personal move

@JedidiahAJ: Rules don’t lead, standards are the way to make your team own it!
Mike Krzyzewski

@ericndavis: “Develop standards not rules in your team.” – Coach K

@LeadersNW: “Follow your courage.” – Mike Krzyzewski

@tararumler: @NowGen: “You have to teach resilience to the younger generation now more than ever.” – Coach K

@CFALeadercast: “As a leader you can get sidetracked but you have to complete your mission” -Mike Krzyzewski



@pchapman17_9: “You don’t have to make anything new, just cultivate what’s already been done.” @markhhcc

@dadfpem: Getting things done-er with Tripp &Tyler: use CD spool as bagel transporter

@BENKOLARCIK: #Leadership sets the tone. It doesn’t echo it.

@jtdeyton: “@ATLmission: “Humility is aspiring to surround yourself with people smarter than you.”
@CDavidDaniels: Getting things done is not really about getting things done. Appropriate engagement is.

@ECCU: Advanced Budgeting resources – @withmarkljones

@mikesipplejr: Do your employees have your back? Well – do you have theirs?

@mikew3352: Hire for culture not just competency – Thompson

@tylerkepiro: When we have too much control but not enough perspective we become a micromanager.

@wlamb88: Chaos is being driven by latest and loudest. Leaders identify calm in chaos.

@daveraley: #CLA2013 if you missed my #MOBILE strategy session, I just blogged an excerpt here:

@417gary: Instead of Chick Fila looks like today’s Leadercast is sponsored by Maybelline. Makeup on the speakers is over the top.

@JenniferEinolf: Perspective and control are the two elements of self management David Allen

@dhoernsch: Worst thing: Drinking coffee, water, then diet coke but not wanting to miss a minute of #CFALeadercast to use the bathroom.

@OffTheWallSM: RT: The awkward moment at a simulcast when you’re not sure if you should clap for the speaker or not… HA!

@caleb_santos: Why do I have a strong urge to eat @ChickfilA for lunch?

@ElvisMoyaTTU: “Everyone has a tactical reserve to improve that little bit. You have one more inch.” @RorkeDenver

@FTFChatt: As leaders, people at a minimum will mimic your behavior.- @RorkeDenver So how are you leading in your family?

@summerjoy: “Calm is contagious. Panic is contagious. Stupid is contagious.” @RorkeDenver

@mistywgilbert: Being a good communicator is being a good teacher. You have to explain the logic step by step. #Condoleezza Rice

@Leadershipfreak: Schedule your relaxation time. via Condoleezza Rice

@CFALeadercast: Incredible story of Caine’s Arcade shared by Nirvan Mullick (@nirvan)

@BeLegendary1: Watch this for the best 10 minutes of your day… Caines Arcade




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