Top 10 Quotes From The Exponential Church Planting & Discipleship Conference

This year’s Exponential Conference was the largest yet. It sold out 5,300 seats at First Baptist Orlando. Another 40,000 people from 90 countries watched the live stream and commented in the #Exponential Twitter stream. These are the top quotes from that stream (tweet author is noted before each quote):

Jim Putman's new book "Discipleshift" debuted at the Exponential Conference. Discipleshift was also the Exponential Conference theme.

Jim Putman’s new book “Discipleshift” debuted at the Exponential Conference. Discipleshift was also the Exponential Conference theme.

10. @ThomasPauk: One who learns from the master is a student, one who’s wanting to live like the master is a disciple. – C. Kalinowski

9. @mosaicpastor: “State your vision. Stage your vision. Staff your vision.” @PastorRay

8. @mosaicpastor: “Jesus didn’t say your church wins or my church wins. He said that his church wins.” – Jim Putnam

7. @justinbowers2: “Teachers hate large classrooms.  Why is it that every pastor wants what every teacher hates?”

6. @churchplanting: Jesus’ mission is not to make converts; it never has been. His mission is to make disciples. – Jim Putman

5. @craigbrown65: If you don’t think you have issues, that’s your issue. – Chris Hodges

4. @churchplanting: We make the church like a theater and are then surprised when people respond like theater goers. – Ed Stetzer

3. @robcizek: Jesus is the greatest disciple-maker in history. How many disciples did he have? – Jim Putman

2. @keruxsm: We teach what we know, we reproduce what we are.

1. @momentumcc: “Your greatest contribution to the kingdom maybe those u r tucking in at night.” Wes Stafford (Your kids are your most important disciples.)

More great quotes:

@RonEdmonson: “Public charisma without private character will ruin you as a leader.” @waynecordeiro

@danieljfick: From leadership perspective, it shouldn’t be “we can do it & you can help,” but “you can do it & we can help.

@johncremeans: People don’t need a perfect example, they need a living example. – @Mike_Breen

@churchplanting: Technology can inspire, encourage, and teach. Technology can’t reproduce. – @waynecordeiro

@mosaicpastor: When we work, we work. When we pray, God works. – @jsorvik

@RobJacobs_: Leaders are creators and curators of culture. You are not just planting a church you are planting a culture.

@SisJessMarquez: “You can’t separate the teachings of Jesus from the methods of Jesus and expect the results of Jesus.”

@MikeCelebrating: Jesus only mentions church a few times in the gospels but mentions disciples 260 times.

@NewThingNetwork: “Live your life as a missions trip.” – Reggie McNeal

@ericbryant: “Never delegate to someone who wants a title. Delegate to someone who wants to do the work.” – @SledgeHS

My notes from Larry Osborne’s breakout session “Discipleship in the Real World” #Exponential13 – @ChurchPlanting

@cnieuwhof: For your team at #exponential: how to avoid 5 conference traps almost every team falls into:

The Exponential Conference is held annually. has great discipleship and church planting resources, including several free ebooks.